Hiring a Forklift Truck

What is included in the contract?
Your hire contract will include everything EXCEPT: tyres, forks, consumables and damage.
What is the minimum hire period?
One day
What am I responsible for?
You must possess Hired In Plant Insurance, and the machine must be operated by a qualified driver. You must ensure the truck is used in a responsible manner, and only on the terrain it was designed for. The machine must not be overloaded by exceeding the capacity of the forklift truck.
What equipment is available?
We have a wide range of trucks available, including industrial, rough terrain, warehouse and telescopic handlers. You can view many of our trucks online by clicking the link below, alternatively contact us to discuss your requirements


What is a LOLER, and is it a legal requirement?
A LOLER is the equivalent of an MOT for a car and possessing one is a legal requirement
How often do I have to renew my truck's LOLER?
LOLERs must be carried out annually. However if used with a personnel cage, an inspection is required every 6 months.
Can any engineer carry out a LOLER?
No, all LOLERs must be carried out by a LOLERs certified engineer
My insurance company wishes to carry out the LOLER, do they have to do it?
No, Manton Forklifts engineer’s can carry out the inspection for you.